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Angela Krauß

Photo: Andy Weinhold

Writer in Residence Spring 2009 at the CAGCR


Angela Krauß was born on 2nd May in 1950 in Chemnitz. She studied advertising at the Fachschule für Gestaltung und Werbung in East Berlin and worked in advertising and communication until 1972. From 1976 to 1979 she studied at J.R. Becher Institute for Literature in Leipzig. Angela Krauß shot to fame when she won the Ingeborg Bachmann prize in 1988. She has travelled extensively to give readings and lectures in the United States and Canada. She was visiting Professor for Creative Writing at the University of Paderborn in 2000 and gave the prestigious Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen in 2004. Besides having been awarded numerous prizes she is a member of the Academy of the Fine Arts of Saxony and the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. Angela Krauß lives and works in Leipzig.


Previous works include:

Das Vergnügen. Novella (1984, Aufbau Verlag)

Die versteinerten Knochen der Saurier im Museum. Radio play (1987)

Meine Oma stirbt nie. Radio play (1988)

Glashaus. Novellas (1988, Aufbau Verlag)

Der Dienst. Novella (1990, Suhrkamp)

Dienst-Jahre und andere. Prose (1991, Aufbau Verlag)

Die Überfliegerin. Novella (1995, Suhrkamp)

Sommer auf dem Eis. Novella (1998, Suhrkamp)

Milliarden neuer Sterne. Novella (1999, Suhrkamp)

Weggeküßt. Novella (2002, Suhrkamp)

Die Gesamtliebe und die Einzelliebe. Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen. Essays (2004, Suhrkamp)

Wie weiter. Prose (2006, Suhrkamp)

Triest. Theater am Meer. Prose (2007, Insel Verlag)

Ich muß mein Herz üben. Gedichte. Poems (2009, Insel Verlag)

Im schönsten Fall. Novel (2011, Suhrkamp)


Awards and Prizes:

Hans Marchwitza Prize (1986)

Ingeborg Bachmann Prize (1988)

Writer in Residence in Graz (1990)

Lessing grant (1995)

Berlin Prize for Literature; Bobrowski Medal (1996)

Villa Massimo scholarship (1999)

Gerrit Engelke Prize for Literature; Thomas Valentin Prize; German Schiller Foundation honorary award (2001)

Max Kade Guest Professor in St. Louis (2005)

“Kammweg” Prize (2006)

Hermann Lenz Award (2007)

Rainer-Malkowski-Preis (2010)

Franz-Nabl-Preis (2011)

Wilhelm-Müller-Preis (2013)

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